My Photography Blog

Insect on the wall

I found this insect on the wall of our house. Unfortunately I have no idea which species it is. Do you know? Canon 50 mm, extension ring number 2...Read more

3th Friday in Salisbury

November 16, the third Friday I spent in Salisbury MD visiting the local Artwalk. Here are some impressions....Read more

Election night 2012

Election night 2012 in the Royal Palm Theater in Fort Myers...Read more

Last week we were in Delmarva

Last week we were in Delmarva, we stayed at different places in Delaware and Maryland. This is a Night shot from our hotel room in Ocean City during a storm....Read more


Tonight we have two visitors eating the no-see-ums and other unwanted guests, are they not beautiful? Lens 200 mm, extension ring nr. 2...Read more


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